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Users wishing to download data from the Animal Genome Size Database must provide their names and a valid email address. This email address will be used to send a link to the requested data in Excel spreadsheet format, and will never be provided to any outside parties. Although most of the individual data provided in this database are freely accessible in academic publications, the database as a whole and the exported compiled datasets derived from it represent intellectual property in need of protection. By entering your email address, you are explicitly agreeing to the following stipulations:

  1. These compiled data will be used only for academic purposes and not for personal financial gain.
  2. These compiled data will not be redistributed. Rather, colleagues outside of your lab who require these data will be directed to the database.
  3. These compiled data will not be reproduced in any form of publication –– including, but not limited to, journal articles, book chapters, and websites –– without express permission.
  4. If a downloaded dataset is used in a publication, the source of these data will be listed as Gregory, T.R. (2018). Animal Genome Size Database. However, if only a small number of data are used after consulting the original publication, then that publication can be cited as the source.
  5. A log entry will be created indicating that these data were downloaded on this date using the email address provided, for use in enforcing the above stipulations should the need arise.

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