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Optional Fields

  • Super Class
  • Sub Class
  • Infra Class
  • Super Order
  • Sub Order
  • Infra Order
  • Sub Family
  • Tribe
  • Species Alt

Customize the search results table (and exportable spreadsheet file) by dragging the desired fields from the Optional Fields list to the Customized Fields list. To remove an optional item from the Customized Fields, drag it to the Optional Fields list. The two lists marked in dark blue are pinned and will appear in every search.

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Pinned Fields

  • Phylum
  • Sub Phylum

Customized Fields

  • Class
  • Order
  • Family
  • Species
  • Common Name

Pinned Fields

  • c_value
  • chrom_num
  • method
  • cell_type
  • std_sp
  • refs