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Amphibians (928 records)
Insects (1345 records)
Birds (897 records)
Annelids (146 records)
Arachnids (148 records)
Chordates (6 records)
Cnidarians (41 records)
Crustaceans (407 records)
Ctenophores (2 records)
Echinoderms (48 records)
Fishes: Jawless (26 records)
Fishes: Cartilaginous (183 records)
Fishes: Ray-Finned (1823 records)
Fishes: Lobe-Finned (17 records)
Flatworms (71 records)
Mammals (810 records)
Misc Inverts (77 records)
Molluscs (281 records)
Myriapods (15 records)
Nematodes (75 records)
Reptiles (420 records)
Rotifers (27 records)
Sponges (101 records)
Tardigrades (23 records)
(1 records)
Fishes (86 records)

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